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Soursop: The ultimate natural medicine

Soursop: The ultimate natural medicine

Soursop, also known as graviola and guanabana, is a surprising medicinal fruit that has been used as a natural medicine for centuries.

Natives in the Andes make a powder from the leaves to treat conditions such as sore throats, diarrhea and fever.

In Guyana, local tribes draw tea from the leaves to cure diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and liver disease.

The oil extracted from the young leaves is used to reduce pain, including joint pain.

New mothers are encouraged to eat the fruit to increase breast milk and reduce stress.

But the surprising thing about this miracle tree is that not only is it effective against an awful lot of ailments, but it is also known for its powerful anti-cancer properties.

Studies indicate that the substances in all parts of the soursop tree can kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. Some studies even suggest that it may work effectively in combination with chemotherapy.

It is time to bring renewed attention to this powerful gift from Mother Nature.

Soursop: The ultimate natural medicine

The soursop tree

The soursop tree, also known by its scientific name Annona muricata, grows in the tropical forests of the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia.

The leaves of the soursop tree are remarkably glossy and have a simple shape, arranged in an alternating pattern on the branches. They measure between 5.5-18 cm in length and 2-7 cm in width.

The flowers of the soursop tree

The flowers of the soursop tree are striking and change color during flowering. At first they are green, but later they change to a pale yellow color. It is a unique flower for this amazing plant.

Soursop: The ultimate natural medicine

Soursop: The ultimate natural medicine

The fruit of the soursop tree

Soursop as a fruit is a large edible fruit with a soft prickly skin. It contains white flesh, many seeds and has a sour and sweet taste. This fruit is often used to make juice, sorbet and many other delicacies.

Before considering soursop-related products as a treatment, it is important to consult a doctor first for your health concerns.

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